Agendas and Homework


     Please in your child's agenda on a nightly basis to keep updated with homework and upcoming events. Please sign your child's agenda each night. Agendas are to be returned to school each morning signed by a parent, guardian, or responsible adult.


    Play Based Homework

    First Grade is using play based homework. We know our children work incredibly hard each day. They explore, write, build, sing, create, and socialize. When students arrive home, we do not want families to be burdened with extra work. Extra-curricular activites and family time are important. Children need opportunities to play, explore, and be little kids.

    Each month you will receive a choice board. These choice boards are not meant to be overhwelming. They are intended to build fine and gross motor skills, creativity, and imaginative skills. As students complete an activity, they may color that square in or cross it off.

    Reading Folders

    In addition to the choice board, we ask that you continue reading with your child at home. Your child may read independently, to another family member, or be read to by a family member or friend. Your child will be bringing home a reading folder which contains two books. One will be the book used in small group reading and the other is a book of his/her choice from his/her book box. These are suggestions for reading... you may gladly read anything else! A star chart will come home at the beginning of the month. Each night you read, color in one star. See if you can fill in all 25 stars for the month!