• Grade 6

    During Grade 6, students will:

    1.     Learn how to measure using inches and fractions.

    2.     Design, build, and test a model bridge. During the course of this project students will:

    A.    Learn about different bridge designs used throughout history, the materials used to build these bridges, and the good and bad qualities of the materials used to build the bridges.

    B.    Design a bridge. Students will first use the computer to create a bridge design, then the computer will load test the bridge to show if it is a good, strong design (this computer program is West Point Bridge Designer . The version that is used in class is WPBD 4, which is an older variation, but most closely matches the requirements for the bridges the students design in class. This program is loaded on all students' computers.). The students will then draw their own design on graph paper. The student-designed bridges must fit into specific criteria for length, span, and height.


    C.    Calculate the material that will be needed to construct the bridge. Students must stay within a limited supply of material.

    D.   Track the cost for building the bridge. Using a spreadsheet, students record the cost for each item used in the construction of their model.

    E.    Construct the model bridge that the student has designed. This typically takes about eight class periods.

    F.     Test the bridge for strength. After the construction of the bridge is completed, students destructively test their models to determine how much weight the bridge will support. Because of how the bridges are tested, they are usually pretty badly damaged, and students may not be able to bring their bridges home. It is reccommended that students bring a camera to class and take pictures of their bridge before it is tested. Students are also allowed to record video of their bridge being tested, if they want to.



    To find out any current homework assignments for grade 6 students, please send Mr. Seeley an e-mail:  bseeley@bloomsd.k12.pa.us