• Grade 7

    During Grade 7, students will:

      1. Learn how to measure using inches and fractions.  
      2. Learn how to use simple drafting tools, such as: drawing board, T-square, triangles, etc. The students will learn how to complete three view drawings. Scaling skills will also be introduced.
      3. Design and build a mousetrap-powered car. The goal for this car is to have it travel the longest distance in the shortest time. Students must supply their own wheels for this car. This car is tested three different ways:
      4. Distance and time on a level surface.
      5. Distance and time on a level surface while pulling a weight.
      6. Distance and time while climbing an incline.
      7. Students will be responsible for calculating the average distance and speed of their car for each of the tests.
      8. Students will complete a report about the building and testing of their car.




    To find out any current homework assignments for grade 7 students, please send Mr. Seeley an e-mail:  bseeley@bloomsd.k12.pa.us