• Grade 8

    During Grade 8, students will:

    1. Learn how to measure using the metric system.  

    2. Design and build a CO2 powered dragster. The dragster must be built to meet the specified design criteria supplied during class. The goal for each student is to have the fastest dragster in class. Many of these dragsters will travel down the 60’ long test track in just over one second.

    3. Learn how to use simple drafting tools, such as: drawing board, T-square, triangles, etc. The students will learn how to complete three view drawings. Scaling skills will also be introduced.

       4. Complete half scale preliminary sketches of possible designs for their car.

    5. Use the drafting tools to complete a full scale final design.

    6. Build the car.

    7. Race the car. Students will be responsible for calculating the average speed of their car.

    8. Complete a report about the design, construction, and testing of their car.


    To find out any current homework assignments for grade 8 students, please send Mr. Seeley an e-mail:  bseeley@bloomsd.k12.pa.us