• Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts

    Mrs. Z

    Mrs. Zimmer

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    I look forward to working with both students and parents this year in 8th Grade Language Arts.  It is important that teachers, students, and parents work together as a team to ensure student learning.  I have many exciting plans this year and hope that we can work together to achieve success in the learning process.  This is a brief overview of some of the topics we will be studying this year.


    Areas of Focus:



    • Read and discuss short stories, poems, and essays
    • Explore and discuss select novels
    • Develop comprehension strategies in reading
    • Learn and identify literary terminology
    • Study elements of short fiction
    • Read and discuss works of non-fiction
    • Select novel reading for independent reading
    • Accelerated Reading Program



    • Complete various writing assignments such as essays, book and short story summaries, responding to literature, analyses, and creative poetry
    • Journal writing
    • Research Paper
    • Writing skills will be strengthened through the study of grammar, punctuation, and sentence/paragraph development.



    • Selected vocabulary will be learned and practiced.
    • Vocabulary will be developed through selected literature and through writing.


    Communication Skills:

    • Develop cooperative learning skills
    • Participate in class discussions
    • Individual and group presentations/projects relating to literature


    Please feel free to contact me through email or phone if you have any questions or concerns.   I am available after school for additional help.


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