• Jean M. Crane, school librarian
    My email address is:  jcrane@bloomsd.k12.pa.us
    My school telephone number is 570.784.9100  extention 3
    There is no course outline available for the library.  The MS library does function as a word processing and research center for the school.  Additionally, we offer Accelerated Reader tests for language arts classes.
    Need help finding that "just right" book for AR?  ASK!  Miss Crane is available to help you find something you like.  REMEMBER:  DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME READING A BORING BOOK!  If you don't like the story after the first chapter, chances are you won't like it at all.  The secret to successful reading for AR is to find something you are interested in, so that the test is easy for you.
     Cat #1:  Scooter, and his pillow Cat #2: Snoot, in his natural habitat