To: Parents

    From: Marc Freeman

    Date: 2 January 2014

    Topic: HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening and communicable diseases education

    Primary, intermediate, middle, and high schools are required to teach HIV/AIDS education. Schools must use materials that are age-appropriate, discuss prevention, and stress abstinence as “the only completely reliable means of preventing sexual transmission.”

    School districts must publicize the fact that parents and guardians can review all curriculum materials. Parents and guardians whose principles or religious beliefs conflict with instruction may excuse their children from HIV/AIDS instruction. This is referred to as an “opt-out” policy. A school entity shall excuse a pupil from HIV/AIDS instruction when the instruction conflicts with the religious beliefs or principles of the pupil or parent or guardian of the pupil and when excusal is requested in writing to the principal of the school prior to this instruction taking place. Instruction for 8th grade students will take place the week of January 6, 2014. Prior to the commencement of instruction, a school district shall publicize that detailed curriculum outlines and curricular materials used in conjunction with the instruction are available for review.  Curriculum materials are available to parents and guardians during normal school hours or at teacher-parent conferences.  Curricular materials, if practical, shall be made available by the school entity for home instructional use by a parent or guardian if the student has been excused from the school entity’s HIV/AIDS instruction. 

    If you have questions about our curriculum or would like to review materials, please contact me at 570-784-9100 or Ms. Carmela Franco at 570-784-9100 ext.  5121



    Marc Freeman, BMS Principal