SCHOOL SUPPLIES 2018-2019:
    Here is a partial list of school supplies, sorted by subject area, that your child may need to start the school year. A word to the wise:  Please see your child’s schedule first before making any purchases listed below - your child will not have every teacher listed within a subject area.  Students should be prepared with a pencil for all classes.
    6th Grade:            pencils, erasers, pencil pouch, highlighters, 1 pkg. colored pencils, 3 three-ring binders (1.5 inch
                                 each) with divider tabs for each binder, and ear buds.           


    Language Arts:  
    Mayse or Hintz         pencils, 3-ring binder, and 5-tab dividers and ear buds
    Zimmer or Beck       pencils, 3-ring binder with tab dividers, paper, pocket folder, paper book covers, ear buds, dictionary for
                                  home use-or internet access, and a flash drive for home/school use
    Drucker                   pencils, notebook or binder with paper, and calculator (TI-30XIIS recommended)
    Mentzer:                 pencils, erasers, binder or folder, calculator (TI-30XIIS recommended), and ear buds 
    Mrozek                    pencils, notebook, and a folder
    7th grade                pencils, a 3-ring binder or folder, and ear buds 
    8th grade                pencils, a folder, and ear buds
    Social Studies:  
    7th grade                 pencils and a 3-ring binder
    8th grade                 pencils and a 1/2 inch 3-ring binder
    Life Skills: 
    DelGotto-Moser         Daily grooming articles: toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, soap, washcloth, deodorant, tissues, and
                                        a small plastic container to keep these items in    School supplies: pencils and glue sticks
    Expressive Arts
    Rosini (Art)                  pencils and erasers
    Seeley (Tech Ed)          pencils, erasers, and a folder
    Franco or
    Russo (PE/Aquatics)   gym uniform, one piece swim suit, and a towel 
Last Modified on June 28, 2018