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    Welcome Sixth Graders!


    On this site, you will find the homework listed for most of your classes.  This site may not always be updated, so you need to still record the homework in your agenda books.



    Mr. Oliver- Science

    Check out our Google Classroom for classwork and other resources
    For Science Fair Information visit:



    Mrs. Honabach - Welcome to 6th Grade Math!

    The sixth grade math department has been stressing a "Mathematical Mindset" based on the research and subsequent book by Jo Boaler.  

    Mrs. Honabach's Web Site

    This is where the homework would be listed for each class period.


    Honors: 12 Days of Christmas - computation review this week.
                  Due on Thursday/Friday.
    Test on Wednesday -- Data Analysis - Measures of Center, Data Displays, M.A.D.
    Periods 3/4 and 5/6:
    12 Days of Christmas - computation review this week.
                  Due on Thursday/Friday.
    Test on Wednesday -- Data Analysis - Measures of Center and Data Displays
    All Classes:  Computation reviews get a final grade on Friday.  They may however ask for a pre-check 2 times before the final day it is due, therefore it is wise to not let it go until Thursday night.


    Below are the directions to access Office 365 and OneNote.  Please take the time to set up your son/daughter's account on the computer he/she would use to access OneNote from home.  This will also help in staying on top of your child's classwork.  Your student will have done this on their school laptop during the first week, so it should look familar.
    All agendas are on OneNote.  
    (OneNote is a Free download from Microsoft at Onenote.com)

    (If you have Microsoft Word you may already have it. Check  the all programs, it will be in the Microsoft folder.) 

    To access this the students use their Office 365 account.  Follow these steps:

    Click this link: office365.com  to  go to the sign in page.


    Find the sign in – It is in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

    Type in the following as the email:

                 year of graduation (which is 23)first initial last name (no spaces or punctuation)                                         @bloomsd.org

    Choose work or school account (some times this is asked and other times it is not)

    Put in your password (student id number -- it begins 24...) - same as the network password.

    You are into your office 365 account.

     From your 365 account get One Note shared files:

                   Click One Drive. (the cloud icon)

                   On the left menu find “shared with me”.

                   Click on that and you should see the One Note class notebook that I shared with you. (It will be the name of the period I have you in class.)

                   Click on that. Once it is opened, at the top hit the menu choice “EDIT in One Note.”

                   You will be prompted to Launch the program. 

    Go ahead and hit the button “launch the program.”  You will be asked to sign in again.  Once it comes up, you can right click on the icon on the taskbar and pin it there.  From now on all you will have to do is click the Icon to access it.  OneNote always remembers which notebook you had open last, so it will start there when you click the icon.






     Mrs. Higgins - Language Arts - ehiggins@bloomsd.k12.pa.us

    Periods 1/2 -
    Periods 3/4 -
    Periods 5/6 -
    Periods 1/2 -
    Periods 3/4 -
    Periods 5/6 -
     Periods 1/2 -
    Periods 3/4 -
    Periods 5/6 -
     Periods 1/2 -
    Periods 3/4 -
    Periods 5/6 - 
    Friday, 4/6:
     Periods 1/2 - Reading logs due,
    Periods 3/4 - Reading logs due,
    Periods 5/6 - Reading logs due,
    Scholastic Book Orders due ______________. Class online code is 2BYEF. Thanks for helping to promote reading! :)
    Required Reading Due EVERY Friday!  (1 hour per week signed by an adult on  Reading Log. ** ALL LOGS MUST BE FILLED IN 15-MINUTE INCREMENTS! **)


    Mr. Flook - Math


    Week of January 14:


     Comp. Review #13 (Due Friday)







    Mr. Lukachinsky- World Geography

     1/11 Review regions notes. Organize binder, and complete any missing binder worksheets. 


    Mrs. Morris---6th Grade Language Arts!   
    *Reading log-Read 15 minutes 4x's each week.  Parent     signature required and due each Friday! (1 hr of reading/week) Due every Friday!   After Christmas break, 2 hours of reading is due for a 3 week period.  2 hours due January 4th! :) 
    *Independent Reading for the 2nd Marking period *See Google Classroom or your student's IR folder. 
    *Book Selection Form for 2nd MP will be due Tuesday, November 6th!  Choose a book and fill out form to be approved by Mrs. Morris. :)
    *Mid Productivity Log (Independent Reading Mid-Point) will be due November 28th! 
    *Final AR/IR work needs to be completed for the 2nd marking period.  Menu A & B both need completed by January 14th! 
    *3-ring binder for class with tabs (Tabs: Notes, Self, Grammar, Reading logs, Spelling, Independent Reading, Writing)
    Study Island topics online that need blue ribbons: (10 pts. each)
    IXL topics online that need 90 or above! (10 pts. each):
    *Membean Vocabulary: (Not this week!)
    -Visit membean.com
    -Username: first_last_bloom (charlie_brown_bloom)
    -Password:  7 digit student number (usual computer password)
    *Students need 45 minutes on Membean this week. They should be able to get these minutes in class.  (If absent or behind, complete membean outside of class by Sunday night!)
    *Spelling Unit 20: (Not this week!)
    *Word Sort due Tuesday (given on Monday)
    *Practice 1 due Tuesday (given on Monday) 
    *5x's each due Wednesday
    *Practice 2 due Thursday (given on Wednesday)
    *Test on Friday! Study!!! 
    Book Orders:  I order Scholastic book orders each month.  You may order through the catalog by sending in the slip along with cash or a check written to Scholastic, or you may order online using the following link: https://orders.scholastic.com/GWYVR.  My class code is GWYVR.  Happy Reading!!! 
    Accelerated Reader/Independent Reading Program
         Our AR/Independent Reading Rewards program has just begun for the 2018-2019 school year!  Each time students read an Accelerated Reading approved book, they take an AR test. For each passed test of 70% or higher, students receive a ticket to be entered for a monthly drawing of a $10.00 Walmart gift card. Ex.-If you take 3 AR tests (and pass them), you will have 3 entries into the monthly drawing.  Students must complete an Independent Reading Test (AR Test) OR complete a reading packet each marking period along with another side choice item!  This will count as 50 points per marking period. Please see your student's "Independent Reading Folder" for all information and student choices. This is also posted on my Google Classroom page on the stream. 

    Start reading!

    AR Winners:
      Our winner for the months of August and September is ........... Olivia Schell
    • Our winner for the month of October is ........... Ramona Miron
    • Our winner for the month of November is ...........Shay Splain
    • Our winner for the month of December is ...........Leonardo Cerreta
    • Our winner for the month of January is ............
    • Our winner for the month of February is ............
    • Our winner for the month of March is ..............
    • Our winner for the month of April is ...........
    • Our winner for the month of May is ...............
    • Congratulations!!!
    Learning for Life
    Next LFL-January 9th-Wednesday 
         The main thrust of this program is career exploration, in which speakers representing various careers speak to the 6th grade classrooms. We have several speakers from the health field: nurse recruiter, physician, medical imaging (X-ray), respiratory therapy, dietetics, etc. We also have speakers from business, sciences, military, arts, and more. These presentations occur on a monthly basis.
    Thank you to our speakers: 
    Mr. Ken Roszel-  Program Director-School of Radiologic Technology-Geisinger
    Ms. Fisher/Mrs. Kostuik-  Bloomsburg Middle School Guidance
    Master Sergeant Jedediah Smith-Air Force Pararescue and Physician's Assistant
    Ms. Marianne Kreisher, CELA, Kreisher and Gregorowicz Attorney
    Mrs. Karen Roadarmel, Century 21 Covered Bridges Realty
    Mr. Michael Polizzi-Owner of Embroider It! and 5 Star Custom Coatings 
    Mr. Charlie Fritz-Director of Bloomsburg Recycling Center
    Mr. Rob Staib-Corporate Pilot (Weis Markets)
    Ms. Amanda, Ms. Courtney, and Ms. Jessica of Geisinger Respiratory Therapy
    Mr. Scott Mottern (Stearns Lending)
    Corporal Bradley Timbrell (Pa State Police-Records and Identification)
    Mr. Taylor Farr-VP Corporate Lending-First Columbia Bank and Trust
    Mr. Michael Celli-VP Corporate Lending-First Columbia Bank and Trust
    Mr. Robert Manbeck-Public Affairs Manager of SUEZ Water
    Mr. Andrew Keister-Director of Civil Engineering with McTish, Kunkel, & Associates
    Parents, please do not hesitate to call/email me at any time.  I will get back to you as soon as possible. Phone:  (570) 784-9100  My ext. is #5103 Email:  cmorris@bloomsd.k12.pa.us 

    Ms. Drucker-- Math :)                               i heart math      
    • Periods 1 and 2
          1.  No Comp Review due this week.

          2.  IXL topic HH.1 due Friday 11/30.
          3.  Progress reports will go out on December 12th.
          4.  Sing the Hey Diddle Diddle Song to your family! :)
          5.  I have created IXL accounts for students so they
               can use practice their skills online from home.

          6.  Parents:  Please use the link below to stay
               up-to-date on your student's grades.  Feel 
               free to email me with any questions.  
               Parent Grade Portal

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