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    Ms. Hoover
    7th Grade Life Science
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    1. Make sure you are caught up on all your work. Check Google Classroom for Daily Agendas, Homework, and upcoming assessments. 


    We are now using Google Classroom. Daily agendas and homework/quizzes/tests are all posted there. Your kiddo has all their information to log in to our classroom from any computer. Please let me know if you are having trouble logging in at home.


    Google Classroom Login:

    User name = Year of graduation + first initial + last name @bloomsd.org

                       Example: 24choover@bloomsd.org

    Password = 0 + student id #

                       Example: 02412345



    Mr. Mrozek-Math 3rd Marking Period:
    Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet A-30 due and a test on evaluating algebraic expressions on 3/5/19.
    Periods 5,6-worksheet 43-46 all due 3/5/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-no homework due 3/6/19.
    Periods 5,6-pretest 19-34 all due 3/6/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet front and back on one-step equations due 3/7/19.
    Periods 5,6-Be ready for a test on solving and graphing inequalities on 3/7/19.
    Periods-1,2,7,8-worksheet #201 and 202 due 3/8/19.
    Periods 5,6-book pg 331-8-26 all due 3/8/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet #33 due 3/11/19.
    Periods 5,6-pg 342-13-35 all due 3/11/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet #205 due 3/12/19.
    Periods 5,6- 25 problems given in class on equivalent fractions decimals and percent due 3/12/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet #34 due 3/13/19.
    Periods 5,6-15 problems on equivalent fractions deciamls and percent due 3/13/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet DD-33 due 3/14/19.
    Periods 5,6-25 problems on same topic above on 3/13/14 due 3/14/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet #208 due 3/15/19.
    Periods 5,6-pretest on equivalent Percent, Decimals and Fractions due 3/15/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet A-42 due 3/18/19.
    Periods 5,6-no homework due 3/18/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet A-41 due 3/19/19.
    Periods 5,6-pg 272-10-29 all and a survey due 3/19/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet DD-34 due 3/20/19.
    Periods 5,6-worksheet 17-41 all on proportions due 3/20/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-Pretest on one and two-step equations due 3/21/19.
    Periods 5,6-worksheet 154 on ratios and proportions due 3/21/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-test on 1 and 2 step equations on 3/22/19.
    Periods 5,6-worksheet on ratios and proportions due on 3/22/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-no homework due 3/25/19.
    Periods 5,6-test on ratios and proportions on 3/25/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet DD-37 due 3/26/19.
    Periods 5,6-no homework due 3/26/19.
    Periods 1,2,7,8-worksheet A-47 due 3/27/19.
    Periods 5,6-worksheet 1-47 odds due 3/27/19.
     *Mrs. Mayse * English Language Arts *
    - Membean.com
       User name: first_last_bloom
       Password: 7 digit student number
    -45 minutes of Membean/week....30 minutes are given inside of class. The remaining 15 minutes is homework
    -Membean Assessment March 29
    **Independent Reading Project due March 27

    Mrs. Hintz- English Language Arts
    Current Theme/Unit: Poetry
    Periods 1-2 and 5-6
    45 Minutes of Membean due Friday before test.
    Membean Test 3/15/19.
    IXL Topics: pink sheet.
    3rd Quarter Book Talk due March 27th.
        user name: first_last_bloom
        password: 7 digit student number
    Membean Assessment on Friday.
    Classroom on Google: https://classroom.google.com 
    Log In :
    Year of Graduation + 1st Initial + Last Name  @bloomsd.org
    Example: 24mhintz@bloomsd.org
    0 + Student ID # 
    Period 7-8 Honors 
    Peer editing due Monday, 3/11!
    45 Minutes of Membean due Friday before test.
    Membean Test 3/15/19.
    IXL Topics: pink sheet.
    3rd Quarter Book Talk due March 27th.
    You can order books online here:


    Our class's book club code is: JTDH7
    Ms. Drucker-- Math :)                               i heart math     
    • Math 7 (Periods 3-4)

    Pi Day snacks  Libby
    Hayley   Golden Rule    


     Mr. Carr - History