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    8th Grade Language Arts - Miss Beck

    Today's (9/20) Homework:


    • Please continue reading your IR books for quarter 1! Project(s) due Oct. 29th!
    • 30 minutes of Membean are due by 11:59pm on Sunday!
      • This week's Membean (9/16-9/22) is still due at 11:59 but there is NO MEMBEAN DUE DURING FAIR
    • Don't forget our FIRST TEST TUESDAY AFTER FAIR!
      • Start studying!!
      • Material to study:
        • "Stop the Sun" notes
        • "Call of Duty" notes
        • Max movie notes
        • Quizlet Vocabulary! 
    • Fair Extra Credit:
      • For those staying in town: If you go to the fair, look for signs with ANY incorrect grammar (incorrect usage of a comma, apostrophe, your vs you're...etc.), then take a picture of it and email it to Miss Beck at pbeck@bloomsd.k12.pa.us
      • For those going away during fair: If you happen to also come across a sign that has incorrect grammar, you may use that as your extra credit, but your other option is to write an EXACTLY 30 WORD summary of what you did on your trip. It should include where you went, and what you did.

    Period 1:

    Period 3:

    Period 4:

    Period 5:

    Period 6:

    Ongoing Homework:

    • Read for AR (6BL or 6pt rule!)
      • Projects due Oct. 29th
    • 30 minutes of Membean per week
      • Due by 11:59pm on Sunday!


    •  If you haven't already turned in your movie permission form, please do so ASAP or else you won't be able to watch our first movie with us at the end of this month!! Please see Miss Beck, or check her website under "Forms" if you need another copy! 
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    Science with Mrs. Sirota
    Test on Tuesday (9/17). 
    Review given 9/13. It is for homework if not finished in class. Due Monday.
    Quizlet link to help you study: https://quizlet.com/_2gybgs   (link is also in google classroom)
    Study Island 1a, 1b, 1c are due on Oct. 11th. A 7/10 earns a blue ribbon and each blue ribbon is worth 10/10 points. If you score less than 7/10, you will get the grade you earn or you can retake it until you get a 70% or better to earn the 10/10.
    8th Grade Math with Mrs. Sirota
    Weekly Review #2 due Friday (9/13)
    Weekly Review #3 due Friday (9/20)
    Mrs. Mentzer
    10 September

    Finish Powerpoint on Multi-Step Equations


    Ms. Drucker--Math           Happy Math Guy



    Period 1:     (1) Weekly review assignment is assigned each Friday and is due the 
                             following Friday.  It may be turned in early and checked by Ms. 
                             Drucker so students can make corrections before the due date.

                       (2) Homework assignments are usually given in OneNote on the student's
                            Surface Pro.  Internet access is NOT required to complete this homework.
    Period 5:       (1)  See Period 1.


    Period 6:     (1)  See Period 1.


                               Fore Comic

    Mrs. Flook

    8th Grade United States History 

    Tuesday August 22, 2017
    Day 1
    Students First Day of School 
    Thursday August 24, 2017       Bloomsburg Middle School Open House