• Covid-19 Tracker:  The intent of our Covid-19 Tracker is to provide public communication regarding our decisions to either pre-emptively close or to close based on the DOH/PDE guidance provided above.  Given the alignment of this system with PDE/DOH guidance, we will continue to update our Covid-19 Tracker with the following information:


    A.  Individuals who have tested positive or presumed positive within 48 hours of the last time in the building are included on the Covid Tracker.

    B.  Individuals who test positive but were not in the building within the prior 48 hours are not included on the Covid Tracker.

    • We do follow up on cases directly reported to us for confirmation and contact tracing.
    • We do not post information on the Covid Tracker until contact tracing and confirmation are complete. 
    • We do not confirm or track cases from social media or secondhand conversation.

     C.  Contact tracing begins when we receive notification of a confirmed positive or presumed positive case.

    • There may be a delay between the start of contact tracing and the date of in-school exposure depending on when we receive notification from parents or the Department of Health.
    • Our Health and Safety Plan, which includes social distancing and mandatory mask wearing, is enforced as much as we possibly can, limiting potential exposure in our schools.