Bloomsburg Blended Blog

Posted by Stephanie Kessler on 10/30/2020

Hello, Bloomsburg Blended families, and welcome to the Bloomsburg Blended Blog!  (How's that for alliteration?)  The purpose of this blog will be to post important notices, reminders, and other things pertinent to the Blended program, all in one place.

Over the past two weeks, we at the district office were fortunate enough to have on display in our reception area some fabulous and festive pumpkins decorated by our elementary students.  (Pictures of those pumpkins can be found here:  Because not everyone was able to get their finished pumpkins to the district office, we will start off our first blog with pictures of some fun pumpkins e-mailed to us by our Blended families.  Enjoy!

The Nightmare Before Covid

white pumpkin

sparkle pumpkin