Let us begin our new year by celebrating the fact that we are back in school and having our Library classes. Our Library books have been lonely for quite some time. They are eager to be checked out and enjoyed by you all.

    We will also resume our technology lessons. We will divide our time together to be half a library lesson with the other half being technology. I will ask your teachers to have you bring your classroom earphones with you to class. Our computers will be cleaned between classes.

    Please remember that if you still have your library book from last year, you can return it to your classroom teacher. We have under 75 still out from last year. YAY!!!!

    I hope everyone has taken advantage of using our MackinVia ebook collections. Remember to also visit your local library for books to read. When we are back in school we will continue to use epic! to read lots of books as well.

    Let's have a great year together,
    Mrs. Freese 

    Click Below to Access our Library Catalog

    Access the link at home and look for books you might be interested in reading this year. 


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