• 10 Things You Should Know About Mrs. Lylo 



    1. I have two daughters ages 7 and 4 and a mini-labradoodle puppy.

    2. Mr. Lylo is also a first grade teacher.

    3. My favorite subject is Math.

    4. I graduated from BU with my degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education with a concentration in Math.  I also have my Master's from BU in Exceptionalities.

    5. I gew up right outside of Hershey and we could smell chocolate all the time!

    6. I have an older and younger sister. My younger sister is adopted from China.

    7. This will be my 13th year teaching at Memorial. I have taught fifth, second, and first grades.

    8. My family are big Penn State football fans.

    9. My favorite foods are cereal, salad, and ice cream.

    10. My favorite place to go is the beach!