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    Dear Parents/Guardians,
    Welcome! I am excited to spend the year with your child. It will be a year full of exciting learning and a year to prepare your child for third grade & the years thereafter.  But, only if we work together can we ensure your child’s fullest potential.  I would like to share some general information about 2nd grade that will help your child have a smooth and successful year.


    The key to success in second grade and on is organization.  Students are expected to keep their papers organized in their pocket folders.  They are also expected to write assignments in their agenda daily.   Please check their agenda each night and initial it so that I know you are aware of their assignments.  The agenda is also a great place to write any notes that you want me to see.



    As a general rule, students can expect homework from me Monday through Thursday night.  Each night the homework load may vary.  All homework assignments will be listed in your child's agenda.  Your child will also have a red homework folder with any papers that need to be completed that night.  It would be beneficial for you to work out a routine with your child concerning when and where homework is to be completed.  Please see below for more details.  

    1.)  Homework is a reinforcement of what is taught during class.
    2.)  Homework teaches responsibility and helps students develop positive study habits.
    3.)  It is very important that ALL assignments are completed on time.
    4.)  Please check your child's agenda nightly to verify that the homework assignments have been completed.
    5.)  Even though I encourage students to take responsibility for completing homework, parents are still a vital part of student success.
    6.)  Each student has a Homework Folder.  The folder has two pockets in it that are labeled:
    • Return To School - homework assignments should be found in this pocket
    • Keep At Home - any papers found here can be left at home



    Tests will be given periodically throughout the year in all subjects.  Because of the report card, I will be keeping some tests within your child’s academic portfolio here at school.  At any time you would like to see or discuss anything within the portfolio, please contact me. 


    Recommended School Supplies

    Because the classroom temperature sometimes fluctuates, I encourage you to send in a sweatshirt or long-sleeve shirt to be kept on your child's hook in their locker.


    All supplies needed for class will be given to your child. However, if you can donate any of the materials listed below, I would greatly appreciate it.

    • #2 Dixon Ticonderoga pencils - I have found that these pencils write dark enough and leave less waste when sharpened.
    • Tissues and Antiseptic Wipes - With the changing seasons, sickness very often spreads throughout the classroom. These help to keep germs at bay.


    Thank you for your support,

    Ms. Cooper