• Classroom Expectations

    Respect Yourself 


    Respect Others


    Respect Property 


    Whole Class Rewards

    Bingo! Get five in a row or four corners  and receive a whole class reward! You can earn bingo numbers by demonstrating "PAWSative Behavior". WHen they reach a bingo, they will vote on a class reward.


    Individual Rewards

    Mr. Runkle and I work on a "money system". Students can earn money for work complettion, demonstrating "PAWSative Behavior", and other ways. Students can be charged "fines" for behavior, missing materials, and "confiscated items". They will also be given opportunities to use their money to purchase school supplies and special rewards.

    Homework Policy

    Check the homework tab for our routines and policy.


    Special Schedule

    (Trimester 1)

    Monday: Music

    Tuesday: Guidance 

    Wednesday: Music

    Thursday: Music

    Friday: Technology