•      You can contact me at the Middle School 784-9100 ext 5009 (voice mail) or email me at kkostiuk@bloomsd.k12.pa.us.
     Attention all Elementary and Middle school band members:
     If you have internet access, please log into google classroom using the following code depending on your grade level.  I will post items/lessons to keep your child playing their instrument. (Nothing is graded.  This is to help keep your child playing.) This will also be a way for them to keep in touch with me for help when they experience difficulty.  You can also email me with your questions.  Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.   Mr. Kostiuk
    Online lessons/help will begin on Monday, March 23, 2020 (If you know someone who does not have internet access, please share the lessons with them.  Together we can make the best of this situation.)
    5th grade band all elementary schools:  class code: ayn6fuo
    6th grade band:  class code:  q4xq2hp
    7th grade band:  class code:  5isum5c
    20 minutes of practice a day is enough to keep them playing.