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    “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.”


    AREAS of FOCUS - all based on PA Common Core Standards

    • Literature/Reading
    1. Read and discuss short stories, nonfiction selections, poetry, and essays
    2. Explore and discuss several novels
    3. Learn and identify literary terminology
    4. Study elements of short fiction
    5. Select novel reading for independent reading/logs and assignments
    • Writing
    1. Complete various writing assignments such as different types of paragraphs, five paragraph essays, a biography, an autobiographical piece, creative poetry, book analysis, book summaries, short stories, essay contests, etc.
    2.  6th Grade - Reading Letters will be written every other Friday
    3. Writing skills will be strengthened through the study of 10-Minute grammar, punctuation, sentence/paragraph development, and essay formats.
    • Vocabulary Development
      1. Through the use of online vocabulary, Membean. Please see your agenda for your username/password
      2. 45 minutes a week, every other week - Quiz on Friday of Membean week.
        1. 6th Grade will be given 45 minutes of class time to complete
        2. 7th Grade will be given 30 minutes of class time to complete - the expectation is that at least 15 minutes is completed outside the class as homework for that week
    • Communication Skills
    1. Oral reports on various topics or research reports
    2. Participate in class discussions
    3. Develop cooperative learning skills
    4. Individual and group presentations relating to literature
    • Class Participation
    1. Contribute to class discussions
    2. Complete class and homework assignments
    3. Participate in group activities
    4. Use of appropriate listening skills when part of an audience
    5. Showing respect in our classroom community