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    Why is music important in life?


    Through all of life’s experiences and tragedies, music is always there.  It carries us through life, expressing and awakening our emotions.  It also unites us in our common tastes and interests.  Music can also be a window into other cultures and lifestyles.  . 

              Music carries us during great suffering and intense happiness.  Through slavery, oppression, and war people have used music to distract and to cope with sadness.  While dealing with sickness and depression, music is often utilized in a healing way.  Likewise, music is there in times of joy.  At our weddings, our birthdays, and our graduations, music expresses our happiness and optimism.  

    Music is with us through everything.  We work out to music. We fall asleep to music.  It is in our cars when we travel and at our destinations when we arrive.  Music is inescapable and unavoidable.  It is such a part of the fabric of our lives that we should embrace it and experience it to the fullest.




    Why is it important to learn to read music?

              Often students ask me, “Why do I need to learn to read music? I can learn a song by ear without knowing the notes.”

              I like to think of music as being like cooking.  If you eat a cake in a restaurant and really enjoy it, you could go home and try to make the same cake through trial and error.  Using different ingredients, you would make many cakes until you finally found the right one.  However, if you had the recipe for that cake in a book, you could make it correctly the very first time.  You could then make a copy of the recipe and share it with others.  Music works much the same way.  Although, after hearing a song, you could take your instrument and try to play it, it would take quite some time to figure out the notes through trial and error.  Furthermore, when you are finished figuring out the song, being able to play that song doesn’t help you to play any other song you hear.  You would have to start the trial-and-error process all over again.  However, if you have the printed music and the ability to read it, you can play any song in front of you.  It’s like having a recipe book of songs.

              Being able to read music, like being able to read a recipe, enables you to play limitless amounts of music while improving your musicality as you do so.