• Donald Wheeler

    Dr. Donald W. Wheeler


  • Superintendent Goals

    Goal #1: Establish more direct relationships and communication channels between and among building administrators and teachers, students, and our community.

    Goal #1 Written Reflection

    Goal #2: Review administrative assignments to ensure appropriate development, implementation, and evaluation of our K-12 academic programs.

    Goal #2 Written Reflection

    Goal #3: Develop systems, structures, and frameworks to support early primary and middle school transitions.

    Goal #3 Written Reflection

    Goal #4: Focus K-8 program development and implementation on preparing our students to maximize our K-12+ program options.


    Goal #4 Written Reflection


    Goal #5: Develop partnerships with Curriculum Associates to implement K-8 Core Math Program.

     Goal #5 Written Reflection

    Goal #6: Update and systemize operational functions including student information management, facilities and transportation requests, and elementary HVAC systems. (Reflection release date: 10.29.20)


    Goal #7: Complete ancillary work associated with the building project including indoor/outdoor athletic facilities and the auditorium, Success and Connection pictures District-wide, and landscaping and signage work at the Secondary Complex.  (Reflection release date: 11.5.20)


    Goal #8: Evaluate and revise District-Wide Facilities Plan. (Reflection release date: 11.12.20)


    Goal #9: Complete the Team Building. (Reflection release date: 11.19.20)