• Voting Meeting and Work Session Summaries

    In an effort to increase community awareness of the business conducted at school board meetings, and to do so in a timely manner, we are now posting school board meeting summaries on our web site.  Because school board meeting minutes are not official until they are approved by the school board, the official minutes cannot be posted until approximately two to three weeks after the meeting has occurred.  By posting a summary of the outcome of agenda action items, we are able to make the community aware of the action the board has taken prior to the posting of the official minutes.  Please note that the documents shared here are only a summary of business conducted at school board meetings and not the actual meeting minutes.

    In addition to the summaries of the school board meetings, you will also find below summaries of the school board work sessions.  The purpose of work sessions is for the board to discuss items that will be voted on at the following week's (voting) meeting.  No voting occurs at work sessions.