Creating the Right Conditions

  • VIsion The primary work of the Bloomsburg Area School District is to create the conditions for our faculty, staff, and students to feel Successful and Connected to something larger than themselves.  We define Success as the progressive realization of a worthy goal.  We define Connection, simply as, Together.

    Through our Success and Connection mindset, we believe that we can create the conditions and culture that will have the highest likelihood of fostering student growth and achievement. 

    Through our programming, our goal is to provide students with Opportunity and Access to intellectual, social, and economic mobility, creating the conditions for generational change within families while establishing the Bloomsburg Area School District as an exemplary educational institution.  Here, Opportunity relates to ensuring that our programmatic systems and structures are readily available to our learners. 

    Access as defined here focuses on the individual student, from those in our traditional programs to those experimenting with personalized learning and career track learning outcomes.  In order to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse community and student population, providing a variety of conditions and schedules for our learners is paramount.  A core focus of our building administration is to develop, design and implement multiple pathways for students to engage in the learning process.  

    At the core of Opportunity and Access is a strong K-8 instructional program that creates the conditions for all of our students entering 9th grade to read critically, write effectively, understand math conceptually and fluently.  

    Moving forward, Opportunity and Access will include partnerships with post-secondary educational institutions, business and industry and, external educational partnerships.  Our students will have access to both concurrent enrollment and online learning experiences as well as the opportunity to make significant progress toward vocational certification and degree programs.