• Excel Notes


    IF Function (logical test)
    - click in cell where answer will go
    - formulas tab - logical - IF
    - logical test --> type cell to be tested, comparison operator, value (Ex. b2 > 50)
    - value if true --> type what will be displayed if true
    - type if false --> type what will be displayed if false


    Creating Charts
    select cells for chart
    insert tab - chart group - select type of chart

    data elements (click on +)
    - chart title
    - axis titles
    - data labels
    - leader lines (click and drag label away from chart to get line to show up)

    selecting more than one range
    - select first range, hold ctrl, select second range

    to move chart
    - as an object in - puts the chart on your cells
    - a new sheet - puts the chart on its own page


    Excel formulas
    all formulas start with =
    + add 
    - subtract
    * multiply
    / divide
    ^ exponent
    use ( ) to change the order of operations

     Conditional Formatting
     - Home tab - conditional formatting - highlight cells rules

    - Home tab - number group
    - currency style ($) - formats with a dollar sign, comma, decimal and 2 numbers after
    - comma style (,) - formats with a comma, decimal and 2 numbers after
    - increase / decrease decimal

     Autosum (sum, average, maximum, minimum)
    - click in the cell where your answer will go
    - click arrow next to autosum and select sum, ave, max or min
    - use white plus sign to click and drag over cells OR type correct cells in formula