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    Proposed Chorus Events

    All dates are tentative and subject to change and/or exclusion due to approval or Covid related issues.

    (?) Awaiting approval

    ($) Event requires a registration fee

    Thursday, August 26 – Fusion Auditions – Mr. Latsha’s room at 7am
    Friday, August 27 – Fusion Auditions – Mr. Latsha’s room at 7am

    October 1 – All State Audition Requirements posted on the PMEA site under All State Festivals

    Monday, October 4 – Auditions for County Chorus at Central
    Wednesday, October 6 – BTE High School Theatre Workshop Day ($) canceled
    Friday, October 8 – Fusion performs National Anthem for the Homecoming game
    Sunday, October 24 – Auditions for PMEA District 8 Chorus
    Wednesday, November 3 at 730pm County Chorus at the BLOOMSBURG MIDDLE SCHOOL GYM  Tickets required from school director!

    Saturday, November 13 - Veterans Day Parade at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds

    Friday, November 19 at 330-430pm Tech auditions

    Saturday, November 20 – Musical Auditions 8am to 4pm

    Friday, December 10 – Dress Rehearsal for Holiday Concert during Block 5
    Monday, December 13 – Dress Rehearsal for Holiday Concert during Block 5
    Monday, December 13 – Performance of Holiday Concert. Warm-up at 645pm Concert at 730pm  Audience limited to four guests per student.

    Thursday, December 23 – Fusion and Jazz Band Holiday Cheer Tour (?)
    Tuesday, January 4 – Musical rehearsals begin

    February 3,4,5 OR February 10, 11 or 12 – District Chorus (in some in-person format)

    March 17, 18, 19 – SHOW PERFORMANCES

    March 24, 25, or 26 Hopefully some form of in-person Region Chorus festival

    April 6-9 – PMEA All State Festival
    April 7-13 – Auditions for the Pops Concert
    May 3 – Dress Rehearsal during Block 5
    May 4 – Dress rehearsal during Block 5

    May 4 - Performance of Spring Concert Warm Up at 645pm Concert at 730pm
    May 24 – Pops Concert at 7pm. Warm-up at 630pm.


    Further Information


    Concert Attire:  Black pants/skirt (no bare legs showing) and Bloomsburg Pride T-shirts! 

    (NEW! NEW! NEW!) Dress Rehearsal Procedures: • This year, we are sharing our concert with the band. A few pieces have been selected to feature both groups
    together. Therefore, we need time to rehearse. Dress Rehearsals will be held the day prior to the concert and the
    day of the concert which will require students to be in class in Block 5 for two consecutive days in December and
    then May.

    Pops Attire:  Chorus-designed t-shirt and khaki or black shorts. (Cost for the shirt is capped at $12.00)

    Fusion Audition Information:  Auditions begin on Thursday, August 26th at 7am in Mr. Latsha's room. Audition Information will be available on the first day of chorus. You will need to learn your part of the The Heavens are Telling, the National Anthem and the Alma Mater.  Rehearsal will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridya and Fridya mornings from 7-7:50am.

    County Chorus

    The festival is planned to be held at BHS on November 3 and 4. We are reviewing our plan.  If the festival is held, Mrs. Carol Madill will be the conductor.  Please remember that freshmen are permitted to audition for the County Festival.

    District Chorus is planned to be a commuter/hybrid in-person festival this year.  Details to come as the plans are made.

    District Chorus Audition piece: The Heavens are Telling - Haydn

    Audition Date:  Sunday, October 24  – The auditions and the festival will be online only this year! (as of now!)

    Audition Requirements:

    BHS Chorus member must be in 10th through 12th grade.  Two women per part are allowed from each school and four men per part allowed to audition from each school.  Students interested in auditioning for District Chorus MUST audition for County Chorus.  The representatives for the women’s parts are chosen through those auditions.  Prepare The Heavens from beginning to end.  You will sing 45-60 seconds of this choral piece unaccompanied as a solo.  The audition selection will be given to you the evening of auditions outside of the audition room.  ALL auditions MUST be LIVE and in person.  No taped auditions will be permitted.  You are evaluated in the categories of Pitch Accuracy, Intonation, Rhythm Accuracy, Tone Quality, Musicianship and Diction on a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the best.  The top 10-12 students will be selected to participate in the festival.  Do not audition if you cannot participate in the entire festival.  You cannot leave the festival for ANY REASON.  If a student auditions successfully for the festival but is not prepared for the festival (does not know their music two weeks prior to the festival), I reserve the right to remove them from the festival.

    Once you are selected for District Chorus – you will need to prepare 8-10 pieces.  From that folder of new music, you will be required to present a 60-90 second audition rom two contrasting pieces in the folder to audition for Region Chorus.  

    Auditioning for State Chorus will require a submission of recording through Submittable.  The excerpts are supposed or guidelines for auditions will be posted on the PMEA page on October 1st under the All State Information tab.


    Audition Dates for the musical  - Saturday, November 13 or 20 (must be confirmed) from 8am - 6pm

    Audition Requirements:

    1. One thirty to 45 seconds musical song clip

    2. Two contrasting monologues - one much be comedic and the other contrasting!

    Mr. Latsha

    Chorus Honor Roll
    Will you name be written here????
    District 8 Chorus: Adrew DiRienzo, Jake Crane, Alex Bohm, Aiden Derr, Nadja Hartmann, Caley Treat
    All East and All State Chorus Member:  Andrew DiRienzo
    County Chorus:  Jenna McCreary, Trinity Johnson, Rebecca Seymour, Lily Wirth, Bella Hiltabidel, Mary Decker, Bella Chyko, Sarah Bower, Elise Ramsey, Jamie Nguyen, Thea Duane, Nadja Hartman, Drew DiRienzo, James Rabaduex, Jake Crane, Alex Bohm, Thomas Yackiel, Jacob Guzevich, Will Clickard, Joe Polhill, Tyler Kenney, Lillian Hess

    District 8 Chorus:  Jenna McCreary, Tyler Kenney, Mary Decker, Bella Chyko, Jamie Nguyen, Thomas Yackiel, Alex Bohm, Andrew DiRienzo, William Clickard and J. Joseph Polhill

    District 8 Jazz:  Mary Decker, Jamie Nguyen and Bella Chyko
    Region IV State Chorus:  Mary Decker, Bella Chyko, Jamie Nguyen, Thomas Yackiel, Alex Bohm, Andrew DiRienzo, William Clickard, and J. Joseph Polhill
    All State Chorus:  Bella Chyko, William Clickard, Andrew DiRienzo and J. Joseph Polhill
    All State Chorus Alternates: Mary Decker and Jamie Nguyen
    District Jazz:  Thomas Yackiel and Bella Chyko
    District and Region Chorus: Emaley Bacher, Katy McCarthy, Will Clickard, Mary Decker, Cody Weaver, Thomas Yackiel, Joseph Polhill, Andrew DiRienzo
    County Chorus:  Thomas Yackiel, Alex Bohm, Chad Lyman, Andrew DiRienzo, Cody Weaver, Emaley Bacher, Bella Hiltabidel, Bella Chyko, Haylie Wallick, Mackenzie Feese, Katy McCarthy, Evan Long, Will Clickard, Joe Polhill, Jacob Zink, Theo Hintz, James Rabaduex, Jamie Nguyen, Victoria Walter, Marissa Cartwright, Hallia Robinson, Alexa Giger, Mary Decker, Iris Barrett, Lily Wirth
    All-State Chorus:  Mary Decker (Lancaster, PA)
    All East Treble Choir:  Julia Bagnata (Atlantic City, NJ)
    All State Chorus :  Tim Kirk (Erie, PA)
    District and Region Chorus Members:
    Julia Bagnata, Kayla Bankes, Andrew Clickard, Joseph Guzevich, Patrick Halye, Colton Harvey, Katie Herald, Claire Hintz, Tim Kirk, Foster Krupp, Hannah Ledezma, Chad Lyman, Abby Stout, David Zimmerman, Theo Hintz 


    Julia Bagnata - All State Chorus (Hershey)
    All State Alternates were Hannah Ledezma and Tim Kirk.
    In 2014-15 - Dante Green, Jordan Marolf, Nathan Lincoln and Lyell Hintz represented BHS at All State Chorus. Dante Green represented BHS at All Eastern Chorus in Rhode Island.

    In 2013-14, Bloomsburg High School had 26 students attend County Chorus, 16 students attend District Chorus, 8 students attend Region Chorus and three students, Lyell Hintz, Jordan Marolf and Dante Green, attend State Chorus!


    In 2012, Andrew Zimmerman represented BHS at All-State Chorus.


    I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.
    Billy Joel
    The wise musicians are those who play what they can master.
    Duke Ellington
    We must pursue greatness this year!





    Historical overview of the program:

    The Bloomsburg High School Choral/Vocal Program has established a tradition of excellence. Catch 22 (now Fusion), a select mixed ensemble, has performed at the Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. In 2003, Catch 22 received the Best Overall Choir caption award at the Music in the Parks Festival competition at Hersheypark. In 2004, eighteen students successfully auditioned for the Columbia-Montour County Chorus Festival and eight students auditioned successfully for the 2004 PMEA District 8 Chorus Festival. Six advanced to Region Chorus. Nina Schwartzman qualified as an alternate for State Chorus. Livia Lakatos made BHS history by representing BHS in the All- State Chorus for two consecutive years. In 2005, the BHS Chorus and Catch 22 tied for Best Overall Chorus and first place in the mixed choir category. In 2006, the Chorus for receiving a first place trophy for Mixed Choir and several individual trophies were received: Jordan Musser-outstanding accompanist, Allison Day-outstanding instrumentalist, percussion ensemble - outstanding musicians, Outstanding men's section and Eric Newby- outstanding soloist. In 2007, Catch 22 will again the feature choir for the 5:15Pm Saturday Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC. In 2007, three students placed as alternates for the PMEA All-State Chorus: Jordan Musser, MacCambridge Dowd-Whipple and Ryan Dyas-Gordon. Jordan Musser was selected to represent Bloomsburg High School at the first annual Future Music Educator's Symposium held in conjunction with the PMEA All State Conference. In 2008, Ryan Dyas-Gordon was selected as an All-State Chorus alternate. 2009 County Chorus: Julia Davis, Mary Schlauch, Ausielee Nearhoof, Lanie Presswood, Maura Bekelja, Veronica Laudermilch, Cheyenne Martin, Emily Hudock, CJ Atherton, Matt Day, Rob Moyer, David Owen and Andrew Zimmerman. Cheyenne Martin, Maura Bekelja, Julia Davis, Dave Owen, Rob Moyer, Lanie Presswood and Matt Day performed in the District Chorus Festival held at BHS. Dave Owen and Lanie Presswood advanced to Region Chorus. The BHS Chorus performed for was adjudicated in 2009 and 2010 by Mrs. Linda Tedford, the director of choral activities at Messiah College. 2010 - Cheyenne Martin, Matt Day and Tyler Dalious represented BHS at District Chorus.

    508 - Chorus
    Chorus is offered five times a week. The following areas of music will be explored by students who select this one credit course: 1) Rhythm, melody, form and tone color through the use of choral music; 2) Various periods and styles of choral music; 3) Techniques of singing; 4) Performance of music in required public performances. Students will also have the opportunity to tryout for County and District Chorus Festivals.
    Band/Chorus, Band Front/Band Chorus and Band Front/ Chorus are classes that permit students to be actively involved in the entire music program at BHS! It is possible and encouraged to excel in both areas.
    MUS 170 LCCC Music Theory 1
    Music Theory gives students the opportunity to express their thoughts through a medium of music. The art of composition is explored. If you have the desire to express yourself through song writing, this class is for you. Of course, we need to be sure that you have understanding of the fundamental concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony and form so that your pieces sound good in the end! This course is a must if you plan to study music beyond the high school level. You will be able to read music better by the end of the year of study!
    509 Voice Class
    Are you unhappy with the sound of your voice? Do you want to sing like your favorite pop icon? Do you eat, sleep, drink and breathe the desire to be a singer? Do you just want to learn more about singing? Check out Voice Class I. You will learn to sing with ease! There are several ingredients to the success puzzle for aspiring vocalists: diction, a fancy word for pronounces words correctly, efficient use of the body to breathe and shape sounds, phrasing and dynamics. One of the tools that will help you to learn diction is the secret language of IPA. You'll have to take the course to learn how to use it effectively. Seriously, if it your desire to learn to sing better, this is the class for you.
    510 Voice Class IIH and 511 Voice Class IIIH
    If you loved the first level, you will certainly want to delve deeper into vocal study. This course is designed for the vocal dynamo that wants to study voice in college or pursue singing more actively after high school. the curriculum is designed to encourage you to dig deeper into singing technique so the voice is more effortless and more expressive. More practice is required in this level. Some advanced work needs to be accomplished prior to taking this class. Of course, successful completion of Level I is required.
    Guitar Class
    Want to learn a new instrument? Check out learning the guitar. Beginners and advanced players welcome.  Instruction is provided on terraced levels so that students can develop skills while facing new challenges every day.  The hardest part is playing during the first two weeks of class. It is so much fun to learn with your peers.
    THR 100 Introduction to Theatre (an LCCC elective)
    This course is so much fun.  The course is designed for any student that has an interest in exploring the history of the theatre, basic acting techniques, improvisation, delivering a monologue, leading others, problem solving, basic set and tech design and usage and writing a brief one or two scene skit. You need to bring your love of learning about the theatre and your desire to be a part of a show. Theatre is best learned in a collaborative environment!
    E-mail me at tlatsha@bloomsd.k12.pa.us with any questions!
    Thanks for checking out my page!
    Mr. Latsha
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