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    Courtney Sabo, 2009-2010 Editor in Chief
    Sam Bidleman, Adviser

    Congratulations to the editors and staff of the 2008-2009 edition of the Red & White for earning our 19th Gold Award and 4th Keystone All State Award from the PA School Press Association in the past twenty-one years. The results of the current PSPA individual critiques are listed below.  Lanie Presswood was the editor in chief of last year's publication. Click to the left to read about this year's special awards.

    This year's news editors are Hillary Drumheller and Anthony Sainclair. Features editors are Briana Yablonski, Andrea Fronsman, and Morgan Lee. Sports editors are Matthew Sokoloski and Luke Klingler. Photography editors are Morgan Lee and Andrea Fronsman. Production Editor is Courtney Sabo. Cover design editor and illustrator is Briana Yablonski. Our online edition editor is Andrea Fronsman.

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    In 2008-2009, several staff members earned individual awards for their efforts in writing,photography and design. They include:

    Gold Awards

    AdamRoberts        Column Writing         “Starscannot be above the law”

    AlanePresswood    Editorial                   “Whatwe know”

    AlanePresswood    Editorial                   “Bravo:Roses for all”

    JuliaDavis                              Column Writing      “Diversity:Both social and cultural”

    JuliaDavis                              Column Writing      “Mysupport is conditional”

    HillaryDrumheller  News Writing                          “Willthe downtown survive?”

    HillaryDrumheller  News Writing                          “Whyso little diversity?”

    BrianaYablonski    Feature Writing                       “LearningTranslates”

    MatthewSokoloski Sports Writing                         “Thework that follows the tear”

    MichaelKoch                          Sports Writing                         “SprintKing”

    CourtneySabo                        Feature Page Design               “WishList”

    CourtneySabo                        Feature Page Design               “Meetthe new superintendent: Out of the box”

    CourtneySabo                        Feature Page Design               “EssentialHumanity”

    CourtneySabo                        News Page Design  “TheBloomsburg Economy”

    CourtneySabo                        Sports Page Design “Courtis now in session”

    CourtneySabo                        Sports Page Design “SingletrackExtreme”

    CourtneySabo                        Sports PageDesign “Going in circles”


    CourtneySabo’s seven Gold awards are the most ever won in one year by a Bloomsburgjournalist.


    Silver Awards

    MeghanAshford     News Writing                          “Losing the Governor’sSchool”

    MeghanAshford     Feature Writing                       “Breaking the mold”

    MeghanAshford     Feature Writing                       “Would this manager hireyou?”

    MorganLee                             FeatureWriting                       “I live beyonddisease”

    MorganLee                             FeatureWriting                       “Keeping herword”

    LukeKlingler                          SportsWriting                         “Teameffort”

    LukeKlingler                          SportsWriting                         “Fan”

    AndreaFronsman                   Sports Photography                “Going in circles”

    RichardRhodes                       Sports Photography                “Lauren Ball running the 4x400

    CourtneySabo                        Page 1 Design                         “Essential Humanity”

    CourtneySabo                        Sports PageDesign                  “Sprint King”

    CourtneySabo                        Sports PageDesign “Team Effort”

    AnthonySainclair   Feature Writing                       “Wii love technology”

    AntoniaHunsinger  Feature Writing                       “Juno effect: teenpregnancy on the rise”

    AlanePresswood    Editorial Writing      “The techno evolution”

    MaggieBauman      Column Writing      “Drunk driving hits home”

    AaronDiehl                            FeatureWriting                       “Summer break: Alaska”

    HillaryDrumheller  Feature Writing                       “Hunting the past”