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    Mathematics Teacher
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    Special Announcements:
    • Please see the bottom of the page for office hours. 

    • Class Requirements
      1)  Surface Pro Tablet (All notes and homework will be distributed through OneNote Classroom
      2)  Calculator (A TI-30x or better will work just fine.  Just make sure that it has a 2 line display screen.)  
      3)  A traditional notebook to keep all your Quizzes and any stray papers.  

    I am currently teaching Algebra 1(Single and Block) and Algebra 2(Block).   Click on the link below to see the course syllabus for each class.  

    Algebra 2A Syllabus (block period)

    2018-2019 Class Schedule

    Peirod 1: Algebra 1
    Period 2: Algebra 2 (Block)
    Period 3: Algebra 2 (Block) Semester 1
                  Algebra 1 (Block) Semester 2
    Period 4: Algebra 1 (Block)
    Period 5: Lunch 
    Period 6/7: Algebra 2 (Block) 
    Period 8/9: Algebra 2 (Block) Semester 1
                     Algebra 1 (Block) Semester 2
    Period 10: Algebra 1 (Block) 
    Period 11: Prep

      • I'll be available to meet with students during my prep and after school every Tuesday/Wednesday from 2:35 - 3:05.
      • Please see me in advance if you want to meet after school on Monday, Thursday, and Friday to insure I'm in my classroom.  
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