James Yates, Mathematics Teacher, Bloomsburg Area High School

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    email: jyates@bloomsd.k12.pa.us

    Room 105

    Courses:  Honors Algebra II, PreCalculus, Honors PreCalculus, Honors Calculus

    About me:
    I have been teaching math at Bloomsburg High School since 2005 and before that I taught math at Pleasant Valley High School.  My BS in Secondary Education-Mathematics is from Penn State and my MS in Educational Development and Strategies is from Wilkes University.  There are many reasons why I decided to become a teacher, but mainly because I feel as if students will benefit from my guidance and because I feel as if success in mathematics is critical for success in the future.  Math is more than just a subject in school.  It consists of concepts, skills, and facts which lead to sound judgment, logic, and understanding.

    I am married and we have two young sons and a dog.  My main hobbies are fishing, kayaking, and mountain biking.  I also enjoy music, camping, canoeing, hiking, cooking, and carpentry.