• Driver's Education Theory Course Work

    Students in their sophomore year are scheduled to take Driver's Education during one of the four marking periods. The program we have elected to use is called "Keys to Driving," a program that is supported by the CSIU. This online course is appoved by both the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Transportation to count as a student's 30 hours of theory. While the course is through the IU, we will support students taking the courses with any questions or assitance they may need. Students have the marking period to complete the course. Once a student has completed the course, a grade of either Pass or Fail is submited to guidance and they must print their certificate. 

    Below you will find infomation about the course that we provide to students: 

    Keys to Driving Newsletter


    Behind the Wheel Driving

    Students who have completed their theory course work and have obtained their permit or license, can sign up for behind the wheel driving training. Behind the wheel driving is provided by the CSIU, but paid for by BASD. Please review the steps for submitting the application to the CSIU to schedule your driving experience. 

    Behind the Wheel Driving Directions

    Application Form


    If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Manley, jmanley@bloomsd.k12.pa.us