• Patchwork: Oral History

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    Bloomsburg High School 's unique oral history project teams a pair of freshmen English students with two sophomore Social Studies who have already completed their project. This “mentor” relationship seems to promote a higher quality of interview questions, photographs, and videos. Below, we have posted our linear procedure for our Patchwork process which involves half our student body from December through May when final projects are due.


    • Meet Project Directors, who introduce the project to freshmen. Project Directors are volunteer sophomores who are in charge of the program.
    • Select partners from within the freshmen classes.
    • Form Sophomore mentor partnership
    • Establish topics either through family connections or suggestions from Directors
    • Submit the Project Proposal to Project Directors
    • Receive approval of the topic
    • Complete pre-interview appointment usually by phone. During this time, our students ask biographical questions which are used to connect the interviewee with the topic. We also determine the significance of the topic to the overall history of Columbia County.
    • Mentors approve the formal interview questions
    • Schedule the formal interview
    • Complete the formal interview. During this same time, we videotape the interview and photograph the topic. We also provide a publication release form which is signed, giving us permission to publish the interview.
    • Transcript print out for interviewee approval of factual content
    • Thank-you cards mailed to interviewees
    • Publish final version online with video and still images


Last Modified on October 3, 2018